About BUBM

About BUBM

About BUBM

BUBM comes from the first letter of Be Unique Be Myself, meaning “unique” and self presentation! The meaning of the expression is: company to do their own brand with unique design and continuous innovation as the foundation, to create a unique digital music brand bags, and to get the trust of consumers and the pursuit of. BUBM is a brand of digital and music peripheral products which was upgraded by MDJ brand in 2012 by Shenzhen popular cultural Communication Co., ltd..


BUBM Positioning: Unique and innovate

BUBM Value: Unique, self-confident, fashion

BUBM Concept: Every time to be the best

BUBM Personality: Self affirmation fashion elements

BUBM Promise: Dare to create different


BUBM is the new brand (Be Unique, Be Myself), our old brand called MDJ (Made for DJ), which founded by a China famous DJ in 2009BUBM brand is based in Shenzhen, China. It is committed to building a first-class music digital peripheral brand, BUBM provides fashion, elegant, convenient, practical products to cater for the demand of professional musicians and Music lover, which perfectly shows technology lifestyle.Knowing that quality is the most important factor that counts for both customers and the survival of brand, we have strict quality management system from raw material procurement, production, packaging and shipping to ensure the output of most reliable products. Armed with high-quality products and the philosophy of diligence, cordiality, grammaticalness and innovation, we will endeavor to meet the highest standards and needs. Main products: professional digital DJ equipment package, CD bag, computer bag, IPAD bag, camera bag, work cards and other accessories digital music peripheral products.We currently have own design team and sewing masters who are ready to develop new products all the time. Of course, BUBM has own factory which mass production of all products.BUBM is derived from the first letter of the “Be Unique Be Myself “.At the same time, it can be interpreted as “YOU AND ME”. The red letter”U” highlights that we treat satisfaction of customers as the ultimate goal. “M” is me, which refer to our new concept that we are with the customer all the time. BUBM express we create our own brand as the basis for the use of the unique design and constant innovation, to create a unique musical digital luggage brand, and to get the trust and pursuit of all customers.

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